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Student plays an important role in the society. Most of the characters are developed from their educational institution. Educational institution is a vast area where students are dealing with number of friends. Student those who had got good friends can be able to obtain success in their entire life. They need to be very careful while they are selecting friends. Student those who had fall under bad relation it will affect their character. So it is duty of the parent to monitor the children activity and enquire about their friends. Parent has duty to correct their children if they had found anything wrong in their activity. From the childhood itself student need to grow by understanding the standards of the society. As present student are coming generation of tomorrows society. So if they didn't understand the norms of society then they are not able to lead a leading role in their future.

At institutions student need to learn to respect their elders. Student need to consider their teacher as their motivator. Teacher will help you take you to the right path. Student can maintain a good relation with their teachers. From school student are getting so many awareness classes. Student need to share the information that you had gained with your family member and also student can participate in various organizations that are working for the development of their society. At school itself students are involving in the activity of planting trees so that they have awareness to protect the environment. Student can strictly protest against exploiting resource available around us. They can make everyone to know the importance of our god's gift. Student can organize a camp by uniting all the members of their society and try to do something that will helpful for their future.

Student need to attend classes regularly and complete your academic works on time. In case students are not getting time properly it is because student lack to manage available time properly. They need to maintain a scheduled and complete their work as per the time schedule so that student will get enough time to complete their academic works and study. The final academic score not only depends upon the written academic test but also by analyzing the behavior and internal exam performance. To get good grade in your academic exam study need to study hard. Student who had done any misbehave with their teachers it will affect their academic performance. In the event learner doesn’t have the obligation to contemplate this it could without much of a stretch influence something major such as a, a test or test score and get the individual in a problem. The results would be similarly as terrible as not getting decent evaluations and possibly more terrible. As not every student has the same talent that may from person to person. Student need to try their best to achieve their grade. Even they feel it is difficult for them to study alone without getting guidance from an external support so in such cases student can seek for tuition classes.

Student need to have a helping mentality. Being a good friend student can share their notes with other student if he/she wouldn’t attend the classes. They can also share the what their teacher had taught. Student can help weak student in their classes who are facing difficulty to understand any content in the classrooms. In order to become a good student they need to complete their notes and also be obedient whole instructor is guiding you. Student can clear their doubts so that it will helpful for you to study during your academic exams. After your academic test if any of the student had got low academic grades they can enquire with their instructors the reason for losing marks so that student understand their mistake and in the next exam they ca able to perform well.

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