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How can we distinguish education of past with today's education

There are lot of changes are happened to the education system of our country. At past years students were learned only from teachers. They have learned only from their text. Other than teacher there is nobody to clear their doubts. Only few of them were got education. Besides classroom there is no other way to interact with other guys incase if they had feel any doubt while they learning. But at present education plays an important role .It is necessary for each and every individual to have education. Besides information from classrooms there are numerous ways available for student to gather information.

With the advancement of technology student can just browse through search engines they will get as many information's as they have required. Education is not only restricted within the classrooms. There are lot of sources are available to clear their doubts. They can take use of notes prepared by experts of other colleges. At present most of the schools smart class replaced the role of teacher. Teaching by writing on blackboard is reduced instead of that most of teachers used PowerPoint presentations so that it will be very helpful for the student to catch the idea. They will also show relevant videos in case if they had to take hard topic. AS the visual presentation makes them clear about what they had been taught. As it is very easier for the student to caught upon an idea what their instructor mean,

Teachers are conducting so many group discussions inside the classroom as it helps them, while they attend in job interview. Students who were actively involved in such debates can posses a great leadership role. Compare to past teachers are keeping a good relationship with students. So that student can clear their doubts at any time they need. By using this latest technologies in learning it can make classroom interactive. The future system of education will experience a progress from a substantial emphasis on educating to an overpowering inflection on learning. Specialists will make the courseware and the learners will learn whenever or anyplace at a pace that is agreeable for them, finding out about points that they are keen on.

At past education system there is not all a burden of writing tasks. Student can only need to refer their text books. There is no other writing task area allocated that time as it needs to gather the information. But at present with lot of changes in the academic syllabus students are not getting time to relax. They are overburden writing works .As there are numerous sources are available for them to gain knowledge they are busy with finishing their academic writing tasks. In order to lead a successful life in society it is vital to have better skill and knowledge. In order to get proper learning students need to coexist with their associates, that was a characteristic movement of educator impact and play area cooperation. It additionally didn't hurt that most guardians were precisely that. They instructed their children to carry on, have regard for expert and they also never argue with your teacher. Only an individual posses education he/she have the basic idea about how to use the current technology

Now a day's students are assigned with seminars and projects to develop their skill. To prepare an seminar one should need to collect the a lot of information about that particular topic. And also they need to present the seminar in front of your lectures and whole class so that it will help you get rid of stage fear problem. This will help them develop self confidence. When student are feeling doubt in a particular topic there are various reference are available for student now a days. At present education technology are also plays a leading role. Now a day's education is also involves physical education training along with their syllabus. As it is necessary that one should need to spend in playground and to interact with other students. As it will helps them to interact with others.

At past student were used to write down their assignment s in a paper but now a days they are using word document in order to prepare their assignment. And one of the greatest advantages of using such technology is that it is easy to detect the whether there is any errors or mistakes occur in your paper. As at present even teachers are also depending upon new technologies. They are browsing a best way of teaching methods. Today education is changing within the advancement of technology. As along with this develop now it is possible for the student to gat education by sitting their home. They can make use of online classes provide by the experts. That student can choose a university of their choice without going there. Student can obtain their graduates from the university they needs.

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