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Playground and academic library's importance in students' view points

The academic life gives more experience in our life and career. The experiences are more valuable in our life. Nobody's advice and guidelines are not equal to our experiences. When a child got admission at school, he/she start form their career. Everybody has their own view points about their career. The students' taste is very different between them. The academic institutions and teachers are very close students, and they made influence on students' progress. Teachers are initially finding students' abilities, because they are watching students very closely and they are analyzing students' each movement in classroom. Our world and society needs bright and active youngsters in different region. The academic library and playgrounds are playing a good role in every student's life. We can't see any schools and colleges without play grounds and library, and you should know how these two are closely to students.


Students are more energetic when entering into playgrounds. They are forgetting their every worry after entering into playgrounds. The playgrounds are giving healthy students for society. Also society and our nation are not waiting for engineers and other profession. Our country needs sportsmen and these sportsmen are giving more value for our nation name in the world. We can see this incident in the Olympics and every sports occasion. Students need health body and mind to study, and when they are involving in sports and games they can burn their stress and problem. Academic institutions are making more opportunities in playgrounds. Every academic administration is giving more importance for playgrounds. We can see many kinds of sports and games in our world. Each student taken their area in sports and games based on their taste. But now day's students are totally changed their life style and they keep a long distance from playgrounds. They all are falling into mobile and internet, every time they looking into social Medias and online service. It made a lot lazy students in society. Also they lose physical strength because of it. We can see many students with heart and cholesterol problem in teenage. So active in extracurricular activities and sports as you can. Now days all are promoting sports and games, if have more skilled in sports and games. Take it as profession and bright your future.

Academic libraries

Libraries are very silent place in academic institution. Academic libraries are one of the most important places in institution. The library is knowledge source for students. Students are clearing their doubts and confusions there and they collected their study materials from academic libraries. But some students have distance between academic libraries. The academic libraries are soul of institution. Students can learn anything themselves using academic library resources. A person should need some pluses to live in the world. The technical knowledge doesn't give these qualities, and these are learning from experience. But students are backward in experiences and they just started their journey, so we have to adopt other experiences in our life. To get this, you must need good book reading mentality. The successful persons were written their experience and life stories in autobiographies. Also writers are written famous and successful persons' life in biographies, stories, and journals etc. so reading will give new threads to think about life and career. Also if you are interested in arts or poetry, the academic library will introduce new books and epics for you. Society is expecting health and intelligent students for better future. So don't avoid both these elements in your academic life. Try to do hard work for achieving success and learn everything as you can and keep healthy smile always in your face.

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