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Reading is a good habit; true or false?

Book reading is a good habit for students and all peoples. Reading is also a good medicine. The book reading will improve the memory power, knowledge and verbal skills etc. The reading is important for the all people’s life. The reading is the fundamental skill for the student’s success. The reading is a good habit, it is not only for the academic success but also good for the everyday life. The reading is more important to the students, the students reading is essential for the study. The reading is the good method for the studying. The reading is the good way for understanding the lessons. The reading is useful to the learning and teaching. The reading improves the student’s memory. The student reading is essential to the academic success. The students are learning the lessons by reading. The reading is the better way for understanding. Every day reading is better to the health. The all parents are maximum try to improve the students reading and also teach the advantages of reading. The parents are also improving the reading. The parents are motivated and give books to the students for reading. The reading is a good habit; the all parents are buy news papers and other good magazine daily. The daily reading of the news paper is good for the students and the all peoples. The news paper reading is a good habit. The news paper reading is more important, because the news paper reading is the best way of understanding the latest news or the current affairs. The student will understand the news in all over the world. It improves the student’s general knowledge and social skill. To reading the news paper with different language is also good for the students. That is, to reading the English news papers or other language paper will improve the student’s language in to that particular language. The reading is the all students’ way of learning. We know the world top business leaders and other famous persons are taking the time for reading books. That is, The Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Mark Cuban are the some of the daily readers of the book. The reading is also a good medicine for reducing the stress. The peoples are reading the interested books at the time of feeling bad. The reading time they are feel more relax and more happy.

The reading is a good habit for the students. The reading will improve the students imaginations. That is, book contains the description of the characters, so continues reading is improving the student’s imagination. To reading the book is also improve the students confidence and the vocabulary. At the reading time the students are learn and sees different words, this will help the students for improving the vocabulary. Continues reading is improved the students focus, concentration and self esteem. That is, the good language skill will improve the students confidence for communicating with others. The reading book is also a good entertainment. At the time of travelling or other free times the reading book is the best entertainment. The reading book is also improving the student’s behavior. The reading time the students are remembering the different behavior and understanding the different values. To reading the travelling stories, novels or the story books are very interested. The readings the books are also improve the student’s academic result. The reading is making smarter. The students are learning the different subjects and different knowledge by the way of reading book. The parents are giving the support for reading the books and encourage the reading habit.

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